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The photo is my son and myself. Now days you can get a photo made to look old like this one. This photo was taken when this was the new look.

Harry S Truman was president when I was born and world war II had ended. I grew up in a time when lunch was put in a brown paper bag and a sandwich was wrapped with wax paper. There was no such thing as pantyhose, we wore stockings that attached to the rubbery clippy things that attached to the girdle. Convenience stores were not common and when we took a trip we packed a picnic basket because many places did not have fast food. Highways had places to pull over and stop, some with picnic tables. Read more ....

The diary of Edith and Fred, May and June

May 7, 2019

Last posting on Edith's diary, we left off at the end of April.  This is the link to the first posting if you need a refresher or have not read any of her diary.

Edith is a widow and lives in a community where people help one another and many have been long time friends. I enjoy the diaries more as the weather warms because it gives us a clearer image of how the household works.

Thursday May 1 1924

Raining hard this morning cleared off in the afternoon. Gordon was here in the afternoon.  Study club repeated Little Miss Jack to a good house dance afterwords. 

Friday May 2 

Cold and Cloudy this morning. cleared off about noon. Homer walked up to Leon Woods.

Saturday May 3

Rained all day. I baked. The study club had there play over to Rodman at night. The Dr. took Doty to the Hospital this afternoon, had operation at night.  Maria was here this aftrenoon, I helped her fix her table runner.

Sunday May 4

Cloudy all the forenoon. Irwin came down to Homers. I went up to see Bettie Gregg in afternoon.

Monday May 5

Pleasant. I washed and I ironed most all of the clothes.

Tuesday May 6

Rained most all of the forenoon.  I finished ironing, went up to the cemetery to meet Frank and Minnie and went over to Perry Power. Frank went after greens, did not get any.

Wednesday May 7

Pleasant and warmer until night. Wind in the North again. I cleaned out the spare room today, hung out the quilts. I sowed lettuce and cabbage out back of the barn.

Thursday May 8

Cloudy most of the day. I cleaned my bedroom. Mr Babeack plowed and draged the garden today. Paid him $1.50.

Friday May 9

Rained most all day and all night. Ida and I planted a peck of early potatoes, had 3 rows. We planted them before it rained.

Saturday May 10

Cloudy in the morning. Cleared off before noon. I baked and cleaned up. At night Ida and I went to the play from Rodman, very good.

Sunday May 11

Pleasant. Homer gone a relic hunting. Ida gone up to Honeyville. Anna Dryden called and brought a basket of pansies .25 a basket. I went up to the cemetery, set out the pansies and went up to see Aunt Mat and over to Homers. Homer not very well.

Monday May 12

Rained hard all day, I did part of the washing.

Tuesday May 13

Rained all of the forenoon, partly cleared off in the afternoon.

Wednesday May 14

Showery all day. I hung out the clothes , got part of the clothes dry. Pauline came up and wanted me to go home with her to see her new home. I went down and stayed until half past five, rained hard most of the time.

Thursday May 15

Rained hard all last night and today so far. 1 P.M. I ironed and baked a pie.

Friday May 16

Up to seventy the first time. Pleasant, I went on the 8 o'clock bus to Watertown after flowers for Mr. Brewers funeral. I paid 3.00, came home on the 11 o'clock bus, went right through to Adams, went down to Mr. Brewers and left the flowers, I went to Mrs Bundy after pansy plants, took them up to the cemetery and set them out .50 cents a dozen

Saturday May 17

Pleasant and windy up to 70.  We all worked in the garden all day, sowed and planted most everything. 

Sunday May 18

Windy all night and all the forenoon. Rained hard before noon and all the afternoon. Janie and Minia called and Anna Dryden. Erwin Berna were down to Homers all day.  Edwin and family were to Wills today. 

Monday May 19

Cold this morning, froze water.  Pleasant and windy. I washed and sprouted potatoes and set out the rest of the onions. and mowed the lawn.  Homer worked up to Honeywell. Ida had a poor spell and Mrs. Haynes tipped over a pan of boiling water on her feet.

Tuesday May 20

Pleasant, froze last night. I ironed and Went up to the cemetery and up to Maria to see Aunt Mat, she is going to Inez's Thursday.   Homer worked up to Leons.

Wednesday May 21

Pleasant, froze hard this morning white frost. I washed the curtains in the glass front and put them on the grass.  Homer worked up to Leons.  Down to 32 this morning, Bradley got a new car today.

Thursday May 22

Down 32.  Pleasant and cold white frost and freeze. Aunt Mat starts for Inez this morning. Maria is going with her.  I painted the sun shine parlor one coat. Homer worked up to the cemetery.  

Friday May 23

Pleasant. I went up to the cemetery and burnt leaves for Homer in forenoon in the afternoon I painted the sun shine parlor most all over. 

Saturday May 24 

Rained hard most all day, colder at night. I cleaned up and finished painting the Window sashes.

Sunday May 25

Cold and windy. I went down to call on Mary Kellogg and Mrs. Mclean to see when she could paper for me.

Monday May 26

Cold and cloudy part of the day.  I washed and fixed the curtain in the Sun parlor, turned them bottom side up and put down the carpet. 

Tuesday May 27

Cloudy and cold, I ironed and went up and helped Emma most all day.

Wednesday May 28

Pleasant. I ironed the curtains in the glass front. I went up to the cemetery , got out the vase and Homer put in the dirt. Ida went to Watertown with Anna Tarrett and Maria. Carie Lord was here all of the afternooon 

Thursday May 29

Pleasant in the afternoon. Cloudy in forenoon. I sent the plants up to the cemetery by Burnham. I went up and put them out.

Friday May 30

Pleasant and cold. Homer and Rob went away with Mr. Moore a relic hunting.  Ida and I went down to the Center Cemetery in the afternoon.

Saturday May 31

Pleasant. I set out plants out by the porch then we planted the rest of the potatoes. We planted 20 rows of potatoes. 

Sunday June 1

A little warmer, pleasant all day.  Anna came after me, I went home with her. Anna took her mother up to see the Dr. and carried me up to the cemetery to water the plants. I went back with them and stay to dinner. Then she brought me home. Coal fire went out today the first time since Sept 18.

Monday June 2

Pleasant. I washed and blacked and cleaned out the coal stove and cleaned the woodwork in the sitting room.

Tuesday June 3

Pleasant and warmer. I painted the sitting room and patched up holes.

Wednesday June 4

Pleasant part of the day, dark in the afternoon. I painted the sitting room the last time.  We set out our tomatoes this morning.

Thursday June 5

Pleasant. Mrs. Mclean papered the sitting room and Ida kitchen, got through at half past 4, 8 & half hours. 

Friday June 6

Windy and tried to rain did not rain much. We had to tie up tomatoes this morning and straighten the sitting.

Saturday June 7

Pleasant and wind blew a gale. I baked and cleaned up then I went up to the cemetery and helped water the plants. The wind makes them look hard. Gordon called at night.

Sunday June 8

Frost this morning. Pleasant and cold. Homer and Rob gone a relic hunting.  Erwin and Verna were down to Homers. Ottie and Edna and Mr. Butler called at night at Homers. I went over to Ms. Gurley's at night to call.

Monday June 9

Frost this morning. Pleasant. I washed and washed the curtains in the parlor. Partly cleaned the hall. 

Tuesday June 10

Pleasant the warmest day this spring. 72. I ironed in the morning and finished cleaning the hall and cleaned the bedroom. I set out my peppers tonight.

Wednesday June 11

Cloudy and windy. I set out asters about 40. rained a little at night.

Thursday June 12

Cloudy most all day, rain a little this morning.  Minnie was here all the afternoon. Frank worked over to Garley's in the afternoon then were here to supper. Cardie Lord and Emily Cleveland called at night.

Friday June 13

Rained hard this morning.

Saturday June 14

Pleasant. I baked and cleaned up, Mary called, I went for a ride at night with Wealka Green and up to Arthurs.

Sunday June 15

Pleasant. Linnie and family were out and I went home with them to Tibbetts pt. Went to Watertown to take her Aunt May home. Then went to Sackets to take his Edwin Sister home. 31 miles from Sackets to Tibbetts Pt. 

Monday June 16

Pleasant and warm. I sewed and mended for Edwin and fixed Linnie's pillows. 

Tuesday June 17

Pleasant. Water some windy. Edwin and Mr. Montanna went a fishing in the afternoon. Got 35 and had fish for supper. Edwin and Limma washed then we all went down to the cape after quilt lining then we put on and went to clayton. 

Wednesday June 18

Pleasant. We tied one quilt and put on and got it most off. Edwin and R. M. went a fishing got 56 had fish for supper. Went to three mile bay to take some fish. Had a hard thunder shower this morning. 

Thursday June 19

Pleasant. I finished the second quilt and we put the third one and finished that.

Friday June 20

Pleasant and hot. Edwin and Linnie and Mrs. Montanna brought me home. Alan went home with me.

Saturday June 21

Pleasant and hot. Had a hard thunder shower this morning.  I finished setting out asters and pansy plants, then we set out cabbage plants.

Sunday June 22

Pleasant. I went up and helped Emma, cleaned, washed dishes and everything else.  I went up where poor Fred is.

Monday June 23

Pleasant. I washed had two weeks washing.

Tuesday June 24

Pleasant. I ironed and made a cushion for the rocking chair on the porch and fixed my rack sleeves.  Went up to the cemetery, Ida and Homer went a fishing with Mr and Mrs McIntyre to Storry creek. 

Wednesday June 25

Had a nice shower this morning, cleared off before noon.  Ida has gone up to Honeyville to see Inez Flint and up to Robs.

Thursday June 26

Pleasant and cool. I went to Adams with Frank and Minnie, had to leave my glasses to be fixed. Went to Will Strickland a visiting and stayed to supper.

Friday June 27

Pleasant. I went to Adams with Frank H in the afternoon after my Glasses, paid .75 for fixing them.

Saturday June 28

Cloudy. I baked and went up to the cemetery in the afternoon. Mr. Brown drew gravel for the walk, 4 loads in the forenoon I paid him 3.20/.

Sunday June 29

Cloudy, had a cloud burst about noon.  Wind blew a gale in the afternoon, I went with Bradley to the city Park then went home with them and stayed to supper then they brought me home. 

Monday June 30

Pleasant. Will Alexander commenced the cement walk. 

I will end here for now, I realize I am behind on posting diaries but it will be this way during the busy gardening season.   Grandma Donna

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