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Update on our late summer early garden

September 16, 2022

Today as I am writing this it has been 33 days since I planted our late summer garden.  We have a very small yard and a lot of shade so we do mostly container gardening and small plot gardening.  We also grow fruit trees and bushes so each year we are harvesting something even if our garden is small.

This is how the experimental radish garden has grown in 33 days.  Experimental because we are trying different varieties. It looks a little pale to me but it has been very dry lately.

The same day we planted this little bed here with some patty pan squash, a small planting of turnips and a few beans and some daikon radish. 

33 days later here we are.  It all depends on our weather.  It has been dry, it cooled down a bit but is heating back up this week.  Our lowest temperature so far in the morning has been 60 degrees. 

It seems the daikon radish that is planted in the ground is growing a little better in the ground than in the tank.  I need to add some compost to the tank. 

I do not remember if I have shared that we planted a tiny, I mean itty bitty Moringa tree. I had read about the health benefits of this tree so I wanted to add it to our garden. 

A plum tree grew over into the Moringa's growing space and gave it too much shade and so it was growing slow.  As I was pulling up some plants late summer I accidentally pulled up the Moringa tree.  I was just sick about it but Charles replanted it in a new location.  It is doing much better here now because it gets more sunshine. :)  I am happy about that. 

Our harvest was small this year and we are not sure what went wrong.  The heat was awful but we managed to always have something growing.

This is my favorite dish to make when I have a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  Macaroni Garden Salad.  I have made this for so many years I cannot remember.  It used to be on the back of the Kraft Mac and cheese box.  I cannot remember how far back but my children were small and that was a long time ago. 

If you have macaroni and just a few fresh veggies from the garden or store you can add them to this dish.  Bell pepper, cucumber, onion, tomato, and mayo, salt and pepper. 

I mentioned in another post that I struggle to grow onions but I grow them anyway small but an onion.  I will prevail!  

There are more things growing right now.  We have pecans all over the two trees, okra trying to grow, three types of squash, not making any yet but hope we get some before frost.  

Now we are getting ready to set out our fall and winter greens.  The veggies that prefer cooler weather.  I have had this crazy notion to just throw a large handful of mixed leftover seeds that are going out of date all over the yard and see what comes up and grows come rain or come shine. :) Now that would be something.  I will update again later on.  

Grandma Donna


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Comments (13)

Lady Locust (JL ????)

September 27, 2022 5:16 PM
I love your idea for planting :-) That would be fun to see. Our garden is a full 3 weeks late this year. I know we have different climates, but it's a nutty year. I am finally getting green beans. And my tomatoes didn't do much of anything this year - just strange.

Grandma Donna

September 21, 2022 9:01 AM
From Grandma Donna

Thank you Mandy, Stephenie, Margaret, Claudia, Felicity, Darlene, Jane, Elle, Mrs. Kiwi for your comments.

Mandy, yes Short Day onions for the south, I guess I should have known this but didn't have the ability to research like we do now :) I hope switching to short day works if I can ever get them to germinate ;0

Stephenie, I need to get more sunshine for my roses too, hummm, I haven't grown roses in pots, now I think I will try, thank you for sharing that with us.

Margaret, I will have to try the daikon radish grated, ummm that sounds good and thank you for being a long time reader :).

Claudia, now I do think I will throw my seeds to the wind to see what will happen, since I am not the only one :).

Felicity Anne, yes, this heat has been relentless and I really am wanting the cooler weather to get here, still in the 90-degree temps this week. We love our little doggies, they are like our children :).

Darlene, we must never give up trying to grow these onions, hopefully we will eventually succeed. I am currently trying to get some multiplying onions to germinate. I even got new seed, I will just keep planting and maybe eventually it will take hold.

Jane, Good point, I too love how we make this continuous garden circle following each other, and when it is hot here I can read about the cold that people are experiencing in other countries, I am so ready to start wearing my sweater :).

Elle, thank you, we do enjoy this pasta :).

Mrs. Kiwi, I hope your sauteed radishes are tasty :)


September 17, 2022 4:18 PM
I also planted long day onions here in TN thinking that was the right type for the south. We had a small onion harvest but I will be planting short day from now on.


September 17, 2022 3:20 PM
My garden is small right now, too. You always inspire me to grow more food. I moved my roses into the sunshine. They are in pots. They are blooming constantly. What a joy. Thanks for the wonderful blog.

Margaret in New Zealand

September 17, 2022 1:56 PM
I love daikon radish on a hot day, chilled in the fridge and grated into a salad. The colder it is the better (sometimes I have even put the grated radish into iced water before serving).
Thankyou for all your many posts over the years - I am a long-time follower and you have been a constant inspiration to me :)


September 17, 2022 11:11 AM
I once did throw a lot of old seeds into a garden patch. Not sure how they would do, I chose a place with filtered sun and light shade during the day. The seeds were a mix of old packets of peppers, lettuce, radish, and herbs, I believe. Most did quite well actually. The peppers never got to maturity as they need a lot of heat and light; but I got some things that I might not have got otherwise. The packets were more than three years old. It was fun, but since I keep my seeds in a box way out of light and heat during storage time, I knew some would probably prosper. And I always like to give something a chance. Now I buy from a seed company that is quite reasonable in price and sells smaller quantities than normal. That way I am not throwing out seed down the line and am more liable to use what I paid for with no waste.

Felicity Anne

September 17, 2022 11:05 AM
I so much enjoy seeing your garden and vegetables growing, G’ma Donna.
I can imagine how challenging it is to tend these in the tremendous and relentless heat of your summer days and now I wish you all the respite of the cooler weather returning.
Thank you for your wonderful clear photos. I learn so much and enjoy them. I love seeing your little dogs too.

Darlene Roudebush

September 17, 2022 8:32 AM

That's what I like about gardening, it's experimenting and seeing what will work each year. You simply never know until you try. I think it's a great idea to take those seeds, that need to be used, and throw them around and see what comes up! I'm all for it!

By the way, you remember the photos I sent of my onions? Most of them died off. I have no idea what happened, but I did get some onions that got to a decent size. They were doing so well and then got mushy. Too much rain? I don't know. But I will try again in the Spring. Hope is eternal! And with gardening you absolutely need hope. ;-)

Wishing you a good weekend,
Darlene from Ohio


September 17, 2022 4:54 AM
My onion harvest failed over autumn/winter. I have planted out more and hope to have a decent Spring/summer harvest of onions. I have lots of plants that have gone to seed. Once the seeds set I collect them and then pull the plants out and feed to the chickens. I love that even though we are in different seasons our gardens are running on a continuous cycle.


September 17, 2022 4:25 AM
Dear Grandma Donna,
that pasta salad looks delicious!

Mrs. Kiwi

September 17, 2022 1:04 AM
Grandma Donna, thank you for the suggestions. They sound lovely. I will try sauteing the daikon radish next time. Kelly

Grandma Donna

September 16, 2022 10:31 PM
Kelly, we enjoy our daikon radish sauteed with olive oil, salt and pepper or boiled as I would boil a turnip. Either way tastes good to me. Charles really likes them sliced into bite size pieces and sauteed. Does anyone else have a suggestion? Grandma Donna

Mrs. Kiwi

September 16, 2022 10:21 PM
Dear Grandma Donna, I love your rock labels in your container garden. How do you usually cook daikon radish? I have one in my fridge and have been thinking about how to use it. I usually add it to soups and stews.

With love from,
Kelly (Mrs. Kiwi)
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