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July 5, 2011
We are adding the most recent photo's first, some of the beginning of these projects may be further down.
I will be updating new 2010 photos very soon.  Now that it is winter the garden is resting.  We have added some new winter items though, we just planted three citrus trees close to the house so we can hopefully keep them from freezing.
We do have carrots growing in our keyhole garden.  I planted them in November, The long freeze that we had did not harm them.  I did spread a light layer of straw over them during that freeze. Posted Feb 3 2010
End of May 2009
Tomatoes, seeds were planted end of January inside now, End of May 2009
Eggplant End of May 2009
Pole Beans End of May 2009
Beets grown in wire baskets, End of May 2009
End of May 2009
Cucumbers end of may
The carrots, tomatoes, beets, and squash are really growing in the wire rings.
Yippiiiiii!  The hollyhock finally bloomed........ :)
Sorry about all the coneflower pictures but I just love coneflowers!
It will be awhile before we will be eating squash. Late April
Coneflower starts with petals standing up then they turn down.
Purple Coneflower
Late April
Every morning when we go outside this is the first flower bed that we see and it is simply beautiful this year.  I planted these coneflowers from seed last spring.  This is late April
This bed is so full with the sage, coneflowers, bee balm, oregano and rosemary.  Late April
The woodpeckers are back to their nest.  A lot of activity at the top of that pole.  Late April
The beets have grown a lot in the last two weeks.  Late April
Skittles is keeping a close eye on the garden.
These carnations are so full of buds, more than ever before.
The bumble bees visit the coneflowers frequently.  Late April
The sage is in bloom and just beautiful next to the bee balm and coneflowers.
It won't be long before we will be eating fresh blueberries....mmmmmm......
We have fresh dill!
The strawberries are producing more frequent so now we can eat more than one at a time :)
I noticed this double headed coneflower yesterday.  Mid April
The Guara blooms white or pink, thought this was pretty...
Tried to catch a picture of the pond fish but never could since it hides when we come close.  Thought the photo turned out interesting so I am posting.
The hollyhocks will be blooming soon.  I am so excited since this is the first year that they have bloomed!
We cut one basket and then go on to the next.  This lettuce will grow back.
The Cilantro has bolted now and is blooming.  Bolting is not a good thing but the blooms are very pretty.
The backyard has once again dried out and most of the plants have survived the flooding.  We did have to remove some plants and start over but for the most we are back to our hopefully partially sustainable backyard.
Tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, beets growing in our wire hay baskets.  mid April
Another potato bed.  The plant in the front with pink blooms is Guara and when the wind blows it looks like butterflies are flying around.  Mid April
Something is munching on our horseradish leaves.  We hope this does not affect the roots...Early April
This is a potato bloom and we are hoping for many potatoes this year.  Early April
The lettuce is growing well in the hanging baskets.  We have learned to cut them while the leaves are very small and tender.
I just love carnations and these are especially pretty this year.  early April
The snow peas are running up the strings now, just after Easter.
The coneflowers are so full of buds and will make a beautiful spring.
The English dogwoods blend well with our flower power chair. Early April
We planted okra Easter week in another new hay bed
After all the rain came slugs, those slimy, nasty, creepy,damaging slugs!  Well, we had a slug party and put out cups of beer and probably a hundred slugs drank to their death :)
Things were going well until we had over 6 inches of rain in one day and everything went underwater! Late March
Remember the new worm bin with alll the nice landscaping and new dry bedding for the worms?  Well it went underwater as well as all the vegetable beds. Late March
I think the worm bid will have to be moved and some new invention will have to do..........Yes this is water surrounding the new worm bin and yes water is inside the worm bin :( Late March
The collards are growing and each leaf is about the size of my hand. Before the rain mid to late March
The heirloom peppers are now out of their pots and in the new beds.  They are still standing weak but maybe will take hold in a few days.
The lettuce is growing good.
We bought some new hay
These potatoes are growing like crazy!  It is time again to add more hay and soil, we will stop when we get to the top.  Mid March
We have added more grow basket raised beds to grow beans, tomatoes, eggplant and cucumbers, we will add more for peppers next week.  Mid March
We planted tomatoes in the wire hay beds  Mid March
This mixed lettuce grown from seed is doin well in the hanging baskets, Mid March
Carrots are growing well inside the wire hay grow baskets.  Mid March
Getting time to thin the turnips and the lettuce is doing very well surrounding the turnips.  Mid March
Cilantro is growing very well, this we have grown from seed.  Now mid march
These potatoes were planted in a shorter raised bed and are growing very well in sun to partial shade.  Mid March
Mid March, the coneflowers have suddenly grown!
New paths, I dug up the grass in this entire area and made a center ring around the fig tree.  Early March 2009
Onions are doing well in the barrels Early March 2009
The collard and broccoli patch is taking root but seems slow to grow.  Early March 2009
We have been very busy adding new paths and beds.  We moved a birdbath that was in our front yard to the back close to the other birdbath.  We are moving all our bird feeders to our upper back corner of our backyard and we will post photos of those when we finish. Early March 2009
This morning is very foggy and the fog settled on the spider webs early March 2009
The bamboo walk through arbor is finished, it sits behind the new asparagus bed.  We had cut some bamboo several years ago and stored it in the rafters under our carport and this project was free! Early march 2009
The grow baskets are doing very well, the potatoes are growing very good, the lettuce is doing better in these baskets than anywhere else.  The carrots are growing and also the beets, all in these wire rings. Early March 2009
Early March 2009 garlic looking good
Early march 2009 the mixed lettuce greens have sprouted and are doing well, the idea here is cut and come back.  We will cut from one then go to the other and on and on, when we come back the first basket should have grown more lettuce.
March first and we had snow flurries!  No picture 
We decided to remove the cement blocks and put in more stepping stones throughout this perennial bed.  The two new plants behind the clay pot are yellow daisy bushes that will grow about three or four feet and bloom all year.  The asparagus are planted under the straw in the front bed.
Yesterday I transplanted seedlings to larger cups.  Wheew!  That was a job because I had to punch holes in the bottom of each cup and write the name of the plant on each cup.  Let us say, we have seedling all over the place. What did I learn today?  When you plant seedlings make space for larger containers before you start.  I had to find places to put all the transplanted seedlings and still provide light.  Late February
Our Maggie now very old, I received a loving lick. Late February
Our veterinarian told us our Maggie will probably not make it to spring.  We hope that he is wrong but we have made her a special place and can only give her a lot of love at this time.  Our Maggie has brought us a lot of joy in her 15/16 years.  Late February 2009
Our asparagus plot is almost finished.  The asparagus have been planted and the stones are placed.  We are going to fill the cement blocks with dirt and plant strawberries inside of them making this entire plot perennial. Latter February 2009
We made dirt!  Who knew?  Banana peels, food scraps mixed with leaves and grass cuttings make rich compost! Mid Feb 2009
We sifted the compost through wire  and ended up with very rich compost.  Mid Feb 2009
We added hay to our paths Mid Feb 2009
We planted brussels sprouts and collards. yum............ Mid Feb 2009
We planted an Asparagus patch that should produce asparagus for 20 to 30 years.  We will have to wait for three years to harvest so it can have time to mature.  Mid Feb 2009
This asparagus patch will take several days to work since it is going to be something that will be around for a long time.  We are putting a stepping stone center so we can walk inside the patch to harvest the asparagus.  This patch will have to sit for about three years before harvesting.  To the left of this patch will be a flower garden.  Mid Feb 2009

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