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Take the time to plant the seed

April 15, 2024

Above is a baby satsuma. 

It has been very busy in and around our house.  Charles took vacation so we could get a better handle on all of the work we have to do with Madge's house and our house.  We were not getting proper sleep at night and we had an upcoming special event.

The event was our grandson Sean was getting married. 

We have been on the road a lot traveling to here and there for all kinds of things.  For a full week we did our best to get our yard and garden back in order. The week before that was many trips up to Madge's house bringing loads of "stuff" back to our home to go through and donate, give away or throw away.  

For months it seemed to us that we were not getting anywhere.  But with Charles on vacation we loaded big stuff, little stuff and knocked a dent in it.  We managed to haul back two old recliners and worn out furniture.  It was not easy, but just so you know, laying cardboard down on the ground will help to slide furniture on the ground. We slid, rolled and did what it took to get it in the truck. I am not suppose to strain with my arms and chest much but if I turn around and use my butt, it is surprising what can be done!

Today Charles is back to work, the house is empty except for the pets and I. Hopefully get things running in a better routine.   

Mr. Bingley (picture above) the feral cat that came around for "many" years passed away. I have talked about him and shown pictures a few time on my blog through the years.  We loved him but he would never let us pet him or let us help him. We tried to help him and even purchased a trap and tricked him to get in and took him to the vet but it was too late to help him.  This happened several weeks ago and we miss him and it will take a long time for me to get used to him not sitting on the porch waiting for food. 

Last week we were out in the garden removing the winter leftover leaves and admiring the spring blooms.  This is gaura, a dancing butterfly plant.

When the wind blows it looks like dancing butterflies and here in zone 8 it is a perennial.

The snapdragons are looking lovely.

The coneflowers will be blooming soon.

Lavender is in bloom..

Any day our first zinnia's will be in full bloom. 


We know that the heat, humidity and threat of hurricanes comes next, I will enjoy this nice weather as long as it lasts.  My body wants to hibernate during summer as I do not do well in the heat.  

Gardening is a year by year learning experience and now I have learned that I prefer fall gardening which means that my main planting time is the end of July and for many of the seeds that I will plant, those will harvest in September and October.  

On vacation week we worked on repairing some areas.  We mixed up a couple of bags of cement and fixed an area in our walk that needed to be widened.  It was a trip or fall hazard and we do not need that to happen.  We added some sod to that area because the grass was having issues growing there.  So that is done now and it is a patience thing to let it all grow in. There were many repairs and many things to clean up.  

One thing about embracing a home is that there is never a boring day.

We have the radish tank ready and this year we will be planting only the daikon radish because we like them so much.  To us, they taste between a turnip and a radish and cook about the same. 

If you have not gardened, I encourage you to give it a try, just plant that seed in some dirt.  If you do not have space, plant it in a pot for a porch or balcony.  There are many times of the year that you can plant seeds, at least try one plant to grow and nourish it with love, water and food. 

For those of you that companion plant, this large cattle tank is full of Walking onion, a few left over garlic and zinnias.  They seem to get along well because the zinnias came back up and this will soon be a beautiful tank full of blooms that will last many months.

The small front garden where we grew beans, squash and herbs last year, holds lavender, oregano, chamomile, squash (still to emerge), and assorted flowers this year.

These are the spring baby fruits on our trees and bushes at this time of posting. 

Baby apple above




Now if the weather will be nice and the racoons will stay away, we might be able to can some fruit this year, that would be a good thing.  Oh, I forgot the mulberry tree, it is loaded with ripening fruit, I probably can get enough off the tree right now to make a mulberry pie.  

Last night we ate cottage pie and discussed how we go forward from here.  One is to go to be earlier and do our best to get 8 hours of sleep.

Another is to get on with 1917 the history study....This week I will do my best to get back to my regular routine and also research.  I hope you all are doing well, some of you are in spring and some fall, have you planted any seeds? let us know in the forum, show us pictures of your garden or favorite plant. We love new ideas and to learn from each other. 

We can plant a seed or many seeds, it is a simple thing, drop a seed in some dirt.  Sometimes we can plant a seed in other ways, a kind gesture can be like planting a seed, showing love to another by helping in some way, taking a pie to a friend. Those are also something simple to do that grow love.   

Grandma Donna

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