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August 5, 2023

I have not had much time to sit at the computer to do a post.  Actually, I had to dust off the computer and it seems strange to sit here.

I do not have a lot of pictures as I usually do to tell what has been going on.

I had the pacemaker surgery and everything was going well but then I had an event that put me back in the hospital.  It had to do with my heart and some fatigue issues that had gotten very bad.

These are our small railroad plates, I thought I would show you with my hand.  They are oval and when I take pictures on them it looks like more food than there actually is.

 Like this.  :)

Well back to the story.  If you have read my blog for awhile, you will know I have mentioned our family member Madge and we have been working on a tiny house out of an old wood shop. We have been doing this so when we need to help Madge we could stay there for a few days to help with things that need to be repaired or things she needs.  She lives about an hour away from our house.

Madge had a stroke and everything has changed.  There is no other family to help so I stayed with her in the hospital each day and after she was discharged we brought her to our house.  We were only here for five days and she had another episode that we had to take her to ER and they admitted her again.  Now, she is back home with us.

It is a bit more complicated because of her pets and our pets and why we needed to build the tiny house.  Now we are all merged so there is much to do and take care of.  

Charles and I have been sleep deprived and I know Madge has as well and I can understand how difficult it is for Madge because she has lived very independent for many years. 

 We are working things out as we go.  Physical therapist home visits, Speech therapists and a nurse comes by during the week for an hour each visit. 

We have put in a transfer bench/shower chair in our bathroom and many grab bars around the house.  I am trying to put a picture into words so you can understand why I have not had any time to get on my computer.

To add to this, Charles got overheated the day we had to pack up anything we could grab and the pets and load the car in extremely hot temperatures for a rushed trip back up to the Myrtle so we could get back to Madge at the hospital. Charles was soaking wet from the heat and he developed congestion that turned into an infection. 

After two days Madge was rushed by rescue back down to the town we live to be admitted to a larger hospital. She has been here at our home since she was discharged again. 

The wren kept coming and going feeding her babies.

We are just now trying to figure out a new routine here at the house.  During all of this we had to break down the blue room guest room/sewing and craft room and store what was in there so we could bring Madge's kitties here.  We have not tried to merge them with our doggies yet. I am very grateful for some friends that generously offered to feed her kitties until we could get them down here.

We have a long way to go to find new normal here but I know we will because just like the seasons change so will we.

This is Murphy, our Grandkitty "Murphy".  He lives at our daughter's house.  

Just know that I am getting better, my first post surgery appointment is coming up next week and I feel it will be a good check up. 

I will not be able to answer emails or the forum until I can get to where my brain is not so tired.  I am reading all of the messages. I will do all I can to get us back to normal.   

Grandma Donna

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