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Lovebird Clubfoot and Cockatiel

July 5, 2011
Our unexpected Babies
This is Boots
This is Bell
One morning we met with this licensed wildlife rehab man to see if he could take an injured squirrel that had fallen from one of our trees. We had already brought him an injured flying squirrel a year before.
Well that morning he was very busy giving bottles to ten baby squirrels, three flying squirrels and a mess of other things.  In one of his cages I noticed a lovebird and a cockatiel.  Jim said that a lady had simply dropped them off with their remaining forumla. Jim explained to us that was how it usually went, someone just dropping off the young and injured. He is a very nice man and is thankful that they cared enough to do that.
This is one of Jim's outdoor rehab places.  This building has squirrels that are old enough to be outside.  They are the older babies.  The younger babies are still inside his house in a room that has indoor cages.
These baby squirrels were just moved to the outdoor pen.  They are still on the bottle.  He has a nice stump that they can go in and curl up together.
This is an indoor pen, the center area of this pen housed the baby squirrels that just went to the outdoor pen. They were climbing all over that pen that morning and were so cute.
Jim explained to me that the lovebird had two club feet and the cockatiel must have been his buddy. The cockatiel did have a problem with her toe.  Both were babies.  The little lovebird needed a lot of therapy if there was any chance for him to be able to perch.  I watched him feed them and was amazed at how they took their formula and then I watched him untangle the little birds feet and stretch his toes.
That night I could not sleep thinking about the little baby bird with the club feet. I had worked with Handicapped children for many years and then in Physical Therapy and kept thinking how I could make a splint for this little bird.  The next morning I worked on splints. 
I called Jim and told him what I had come up with and then somehow the conversation changed with him asking me if I could take them because of the time that they needed to really help this little guy (or girl) and that they were not wildlife and could never be released.
Jim showed me how to feed them and how to take care of them.
So I am starting a Journal of Boots and Bell.
This is when Boots was still at the rehabilators house
I took them to the vet the first week and had them checked over and
discussed my therapy plan and how to wean them.  The veterinarian discussed proper food and how to make sure they eat fruits and vegetables.  It is very expensive to go to the veterinarian with two birds so if you are planning to own birds, think it through.
We bought both of them new cages and toys and I started right away stretching and splinting Boots feet.
This was taken after stretching Boots feet
Boots walks on his elbows
Bells new cage
We are still adding the things that Bell will need. She is still being bottle/hand fed. She really likes her new cage but is still has trouble climbing and mostly getting back down.
Boots cage is not really a bird cage but he needs more floor space right now.
Look at our surprise :) Boots started climbing for the first time.  He is using his beak and one toe on each foot!  Yippi!
Boots is making progress but still cannot perch and his little toes are still curled.  However he is starting to figure out his own way.  He is still Bottle/Hand Fed and eating a little bit of bird food and likes oatmeal.
There is a great website that I came across and you can order anything you need for your pet bird. They have great video's.  I have been so motivated to do the right thing for these birds after watching their video's.  The couple that makes these video's have the most enthusiasm I have ever seen and they have the most happy birds that I have ever seen!  Even if you don't have birds you can feel happy after watching their video's.
Boots made it to the top!
Boots and Bell's first bath.  Neither liked it.  Boots was cold even though the heat was turned up.  He pouted so I had to baby him.  He soon got over it and started playing with his toys.
Bell starting to dry.  She is not a happy camper.  Hopefully they will learn to like a bath.
Bell has learned how to climb the stairs.  She still cannot come down.
She is getting more confident as time goes.
Boots new swinging tent.  One problem, he doesn't want to come out.
Boots came out and went right back in.  Think he likes his tent.

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