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Update on Bernadette

August 12, 2015

We have to leave 1943 every so often to do important current time things.

Bernadette is one of our three little dogs. Her story is under the pet section called our new addition.

Bernadette is a rescue from an abuse situation. She was injured and that is described in her story but I wanted to update you on how she has grown.

This was Bernadette when we first got her. She was a very sick baby.

She required much veterinary care.

This is Bernadette, Katherine and Elizabeth at the Vet for their yearly check up.

Bernadette is now "One Year Old" Happy Birthday Bernadette!

We have gone through a lot with Bernadette getting her to this point. She had some fear issues from her abuse most likely and stubborn attitude too. 

To back it up a bit, in June we decided to take her to Pet Smart Dog Training and go through Puppy Training. Our first instructions if they cannot behave they should be on a leash at all times or in their kennel. And that was a lot of trouble but it really did help.

We did everything that her trainer Ashley told us to do. Here is Bernadette with her leash in the house while I am sitting working on something.

This is Trainer Ashley with Bernadette. Dog training is all about teaching us to work with the dog. We were trained too and Ashley would show us, demonstrate what to do, we would go home and do that for a week, go back  see what we accomplished and learn something new and keep doing that until the course was over. Going to class is a good thing because there are discussions about training that we would not think to do and it helps for socialization. Ashley is a very good trainer.

Bernadette learned to Sit, Watch, Stay, Down, Shake hands, come when called, and Leave it which we really needed for her to learn. She is a chewer and this was important because she chews on everything!

Bernadette passed her last graduation test and we were so proud of her and us too! When we started training we could not even get her to walk into petsmart on a leash. By the third class she walked proudly into the store all the way to the back to her classroom without any problems.

Bernadette doing "Watch"

Another one of her graduation photo's. Bernadette and Mommy :)

On the way home from Graduation she was exhausted and we are too.

This is our Katherine, always under a blanket but keeping a eye out on things.

Something got her attention only to snuggle back down under her blanket. Many Dachshunds love to burrow under blankets. I feel so badly knowing that some end up in dog shelters and I have concerns about those not having blankets.

Bernadette recently injured her right eye but after taking her to the vet and getting medication she is doing much better.

Bernadette still has fears of storms and firecrackers but we understand her fear and do the best we can to help her cope.

I would like to add we had two very unusual visitors recently. Two lovebirds came and perched on our front rail going up to our front door. We have a handicapped lovebird that we take outside in her cage for fresh air and she is so loud out there that i have always said she will attract any lovebird from a hundred miles away.

So that came true. They were so pretty and they came back again two weeks later. I put out food and water but they have their own agenda. They must have escaped from a pet store or their home, this is not their natural habitat by any means. I hope to see them again.

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