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Comments On Article: Queens Cakes

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Wed Feb 21, 24 9:24 PM CST

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3 posts
Thu Feb 22, 24 2:57 AM CST

Well, I have always wondered what a 'stick' of butter was and now I know! Thank you. Not baking with fat at the moment as my husband has a gall bladder problem but as soon as that has been removed I am going to try these.

1 posts
Thu Feb 22, 24 7:23 AM CST

I must say I had never heard of Queen Cake before but it does look delicious. Thank you for the scale info. I've debated over the years about a scale and kept deciding it wasn't necessary, just one more thing in the kitchen. The measurement differences make sense and I'll be getting a scale. I love going through old recipes and past ways of doing things. One year at Christmas, we used only oil lamps and candles. The only electric light were on the tree. The room was immediately more calm and beautiful. Enjoying your blog immensely .

42 posts
Thu Feb 22, 24 9:06 AM CST

I made these back from a prior post and my husband LOVED them!!!

53 posts
Thu Feb 22, 24 11:55 AM CST

Those look utterly delicious.  

I had to go through an elimination diet in which I could have no nuts or grains whatsoever, and I'm still not allowed gluten, per my doctor.  I found that cassava flour was being sold as a nut-flour/grain-flour alternative, and it does pretty well in place of wheat flour in a number of things such as gravies, cookies, tortillas, biscuits and some cakes, although yeast bread isn't one of them.  Cassava is not the same weight as wheat flour, though, so I bought a scale, and it was a game changer.  I now use that scale a lot.  

I've decided I'll have to try those queen cakes with a gluten-free blend or cassava flour.  They look so good.

6 posts
Thu Feb 22, 24 3:16 PM CST

Thank you for posting this recipe!!  At first I thought they were scones from the photo, but reading the recipe I see they’re different.  We will give them a try.  Also the reinforcement about using a scale has hit home.  I have seen cookbooks from Europe using weighed measurements and now realize I’ll just look on the internet for my favorites- especially for baking!!!

It’s good to have you back and posting frequently.  I really love reading your posts.  I think my favorites are - well all of them!- but I’m especially intrigued by your outdoor washroom!!  Take care- Lisa from Glen Rllen, C

22 posts
Thu Feb 22, 24 11:36 PM CST

One of my friends was just saying that she's weighing instead of measuring her ingredients, and she's experienced most consistency in her baked goods.  I will have to give it a try.

The queens cake's look good and I am going to make them.  Thank you for sharing the recipe!  I like that it's a relatively small batch, and might even try halving the recipe the first time to see if my husband likes them.  He can be a bit fussy!  I know that I will like them!  I am also thinking of maybe using half and half (which I always have on hand) instead of heavy cream, especially since there is already a stick of butter in the recipe.

6 posts
Fri Feb 23, 24 9:57 AM CST

Debbie in PA:  I am in exactly the same fussy husband and 1/2 and 1/2 boat!  That's a great idea to try with the 1/2 and 1/2 instead of heavy cream.  Pls let us know how that works out.  Lisa in CA

9 posts
Sat Feb 24, 24 3:19 AM CST

Thanks very much for sharing this recipe GDonna, I have made Queens Pudding before but never Queens cakes so look forward to trying these out.

Being in the UK I use scales for all baking etc so really appreciate the work you have done on converting these measurements out and the tip re the flour, quick question though, is heavy cream perhaps what we call double cream

274 posts (admin)
Sat Feb 24, 24 4:36 AM CST

GRANDMA DONNA WROTE,  Lainey T, heavy cream here in the US is what we use to make whipped cream or use for cream.  The double cream in the UK has a little higher fat content which would seem to me to be delicious :).  It is for the same purpose in this recipe.  I wish we could get the double cream because that would  make even better clotted cream. :)

2 posts
Sat Feb 24, 24 4:10 PM CST

Had never heard of queens cakes so of course I had to make them! At least how mine turned out they are kind of like a scone type cookie, or a cookie type scone. Quite delicious, simple, lovely. I am already thinking about different dried fruits to try... maybe even chopped candied ginger? ... and they are still warm from the oven! I don't have the "fussy husband" verdict here yet but anything with raisins is usually a winner. Thank you for the recipe!

Erika in Florida
97 posts
Wed Mar 27, 24 1:35 PM CST

I feel like I learned a lot from the measuring with the scale vs. cups. I have learned to eyeball certain things such as breads. One trick I learned years ago from someone was that depending on the weather can mean you need to add more flour or less flour. I printed off the recipe for these and I am going to try them out. I have some raisins and dried cranberries. For nuts I was thinking walnuts or pecans would be yummy. The old recipes were sure neat to read over.

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