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Drip irrigation for container plants

March 13, 2016

We have grown vegetables in our small backyard for many years now but each year we learn something more about what to do and what not to do.

Each year the same problem occurs and that is getting enough water to the plants so this year we consolidated our plants into frames and added drip irrigation to the pots.

When we garden in pots we seem to have a better harvest because in our yard there are too many tree roots that compete with our vegetables and the need for water.

We purchased irrigation tubing from our building and supply called Lowes. We can buy all the parts we need to put a irrigation spout anywhere we need it to be such as in our pots.

This tubing can be cut with scissors and we put in a T then branch off and put the tubes where we need them.

This is what the end of the tube looks like where the water comes out.

This is a look inside one of our wire frames that we built to keep the squirrels out of our vegetables. If you look closely you can see the irrigation tubes that go to each pot.

My husband is working on each tube going into the pots.

We even ran it up a post that has hanging pots that we have mixed lettuce seeds planted. The drip irrigation is being held in place by clothespins.

You can see the clothespins and they are placed over the T joint and the edge of the pot.

The type we have will irrigate at the rate of one gallon of water per hour. We do not need one gallon of water in each pot so if we run it for 30  minutes that would be a half gallon or 15 minutes or one quart of water.

Here is one of the hanging baskets.

So here we are another season of growing vegetables in our odd shaped yard. I will update you as time passes and hopefully we will be canning and freezing more than we did last year since we have a better water source for our plants.

Grandma Donna

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