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Springtime walk in the yard

May 7, 2017

We will start out little walk here at the side of our driveway.  This is the berry Garden filled with blueberry and raspberry bushes.  A small olive tree was already planted before the blueberries.  The Dill and Cilantro, pineapple sage outside the fence.

My Grandmother always had flowers and vegetable growing in her yard.  I feel so connected to her when I walk in our yard.  Sometimes it is as if she is walking along with me.

we dug out the surprise sweet potato vines that nature gave us and there were actually two small sweet potatoes  that they were coming from so now the slips will be rooted.

We added three small beds to the yard this weekend and planted more cucumbers, bell peppers, beans, zucchini and okra.

This morning we finished the beds by putting hay down as we normally do in our garden beds to keep moisture in.

A look from inside the yard at the end of the berry garden.

In the backyard the lemongrass is starting to grow tall now.  We have some in pots and some in the ground back in the garden.

The oregano needs pruning...

So I snip just above a cluster of leaves on the stem...

So now it looks much better (on the right) and I will come back and prune the one on the left.

This is another little bed we have for turmeric and Ginger.  The ginger is slow but it is coming up now and we also have some in a large pot.

We walk past the daisies....

And the Gladiolas....


And we reach up to the plum and fig trees...

We are getting baby figs now..

Charles got out early and pulled weeds from under the blueberry bushes that are in the backyard outside the secret victory garden.

Blackeyed Susans growing out the side of the compost bin.

We have sunflowers springing up all over the backyard from the birdseed.

So we go in the victory garden and I know I need to prune because it is getting difficult to walk through the garden.

So this looks like a good place to start.  The basil, oregano, parsley do not need to bloom so I need to keep it pruned to keep it growing..

So I finished up here after pruning the basil, sage, parsley, thyme and rosemary.

I finally saw some bees for pollination and the cucumbers have their first female bloom. 

The yellow squash are finally getting pollinated.    It is normal to get all male blooms at first, then the female blooms then hopefully the bees.

We have been eating salad from our garden the last couple of weeks and today we dug up new potatoes.  We have two bell peppers ready to pick from the back garden and we have picked a few hot peppers and a couple of banana peppers.  Everything is just starting to make fruit/vegetables. 

With the addition of the beds in the front and that we just planted I am hoping that this will extend our harvest.  I am very happy that we finally made a place to grow beans. :)

I went back out and pruned the other oregano.  It looks like it feels better :)

Just took a pie out of the oven.  If you don't have enough berries to make that pie you can make one half and half like this one.  One side is peaches and the other blueberries for this pie.   :)   

Since we are having pie this evening, we are having a healthy salad for our meal.

 Grandma Donna

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