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Update Secret Garden

April 15, 2017

This winter we started putting in a secret garden around our camper called the Shabby Cabby.  We had issues with our little 16 foot argosy camper, a leak, floor problem and the fact it had been gutted from all electrical and wheel wells removed when we bought it.  It turned out to be more than we could do so we just turned it into a guest room for the Grands.

Then the idea came to make a secret garden and turn the shabby cabby into a garden house.  So we went to work.

We planted some ground cover (Red Clover) in the garden for the winter and some onions and garlic and let it sit.  Then it started warming up.

We have an arbor going up the side of the garden and this arbor is covered with Carolina Jasmine. 

After we planted the front part of the secret garden we decided to clean out the side, it was full of weeds, thorns and such and quite a challenge to get it this clean.

Then came spring :)

The potatoes are blooming....

The blueberries in front of the secret garden are leafed out full of green blueberries, we added an interesting door and a cucumber trellis to the front left.

The garden is flourishing now, the tomatoes are over waist high, the squash are blooming, the peppers have different size peppers already, the cucumbers have their feelers, the herbs are doing very well in this garden.

Peppers on the right, tomatoes on the left....

Squash, the blooms were open this morning but closed by noon...

The newest addition the extended herb garden.  There are assorted types of mint, chocolate, spearmint, peppermint, carpet mint, several types of thyme, rosemary, Tarragon, catnip, basil, Camomile, lavender, parsley, lemon grass, lemon balm and sage.

We added some skirting to the side of the shabby cabby.  We need to wash her...

Herbs and vegetables....

This should fill in by the end of the summer and there will be little place to step in the upper herb garden as it should run together.  We are going to add six stepping stones up there.

Remember the article where I mentioned if something in your garden is not happy then move it.  This is an example of some lemon thyme and sage.  It is much larger than it looks in this picture but this thyme was a small thyme that was dying.  It really likes it here in the secret garden...

I told Charles I was having problems with the gate handle, so he added me an oversize knob.  :)

So now we move on to weeds, ugh.... :)

Down below towards the house are some potted herbs, flowers and vegetables.  This here is oregano, eggplants and Chrysanthemums. 

Now for something simple. Sometimes we forget how simple it is to make a simple tea. This above is a sprig of peppermint I picked in the garden.  The spots are on my camera lense, I do wish I knew how to get them off.  It is on the inside and if anyone knows how please email me.

Just pour hot water over the sprig and let it sit for a few minutes.

And it makes a lovely tea.  You can grow herbs for tea in pots or the ground and simply go out and pinch off a sprig and enjoy a cuppa. 

I hope you enjoyed the update.  Grandma Donna

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