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Diary readings September 24 - 30, 1943

September 22, 2022

First I would like to say that last week's diary readings were a mess and all jumbled up.  Over 200 people had already read it that way before I realized there was a problem.  

We had been to the tiny house to do some work and I took a break and typed up the diary readings on my computer in notepad and saved it since I did not have internet.  

Well, it seems that when I copied and pasted it from note pad onto my blog admin after I got home, it ran it all together.  I had never typed it in notepad and transferred it to the admin before. It was spaced and looked okay in my program but then obviously it was not.   So I just learned something new. :) 

I retyped the diary posts as soon as I found this and if you would like to read them over again, it is easier to read now.   

If you ever see something that does not look right it will not hurt my feelings if you let me know there is something wrong. :)  


Now we continue with this weeks diary readings starting with Lil and Bob.

Friday, September 24, 1943.  Cool day - Bob late coming home - Clisbers away for their vacation at Garberville - Hot Wheat cakes for supper. 

Saturday, September 25.  Cool day, but nice - Cleaned house & Bob & I raked up leaves in backyard -

Sunday, September 26.  Cool day - Breakfast on hot cakes at 9 a.m.- Bob up for Chronicle & cut - lawns.  Doc Robinsons Father called -

Monday, September 27.  Fine day - Watered lawns Bob home early for us to go to Camerons funeral at Novato & to Liberty cemetery - Bob and Billy M -Called. 

Tuesday, September 28.  A fine day & the folks all here in eve with gifts & a cake for tomorrows Birth day.  

Wednesday, September 29.  Fine day - Bday celebrations last night - Kept Nancy Armbruster this a.m. - Bob up Town to do shopping - Lena A in. 

Thursday, September 30.  Warm day - kept Nancy Armbruster this a.m worked Nuco - & pot roast meal for dinner. 

End of this weeks diary for Lil now on to see what Lena is doing.

We continue with Lena and Richards Diary reading.

Friday, Sept 24, 1943.  Made a chowder for dinner.  Made ice cream for desert  Dont do much but it takes time.  Washed some clothes and guess I'll do the regular washing unless I send the big things Monday.

Saturday, Sept 25. Ironed and ordered a few things but got more at Joes a quart of milk a squash some potatoes a loaf of bread. 

Sunday, Sept 26. A nice day and Freds birthday and I wrote to him first time since I had the eczema.  Mrs. Broughton called a few minutes.  This cast is a bother and after that is taken off think I aught to brace up good hope so anyway.

Monday, Sept 27.  Did the regular washing but couldn't find my clothes line but got the old one from the back hall.  I may have moved it but don't remember of doing so.  Went over street after resting and did a little shopping at A& P and Joes. 

Tuesday, Sept 28.  Sprinkled the clothes but didn't iron Find I get pretty tired perhaps the cast on my leg as it is very tight.  

Wednesday, Sept 29.  Did the ironing and as I was just finishing Pearl came in and I was glad as I get a little lonely and she brot a scarf she was knitting for the Red Cross a sailors as it was navy. When she went I went down to Joes and got some things.  Mrs. Hackett is there again after school nice to see her back. 

Thursday, Sept 30.  Went over street and got a lot of stuff and left it for Richard to bring home.  He dont want to handle the red points.  Burst something a growth last night and had quite a mess but altho sore it isnt quite as hard to sit down.  I called it piles but guess its a little more than as it is on the left side of the back garage.  Funny thing to write. 

End of this week's diary readings.  Well, that was a little more than we needed to know but this is what is written. Lena is quite a trip, never know what she will write in her diary.  Sneak preview, she starts off next week trimming her cast. :)

Be back next week with the diary readings. Grandma Donna


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Comments (4)

Lady Locust (JL ????)

September 27, 2022 5:23 PM
Left side of the back garage - now that's funny! I have never heard of that expression, might have to use it if need arrises.

Hilogene in Az

September 22, 2022 4:32 PM
I also laughed at the back garage comment ;). Hope the weather is getting better for you.

Laura Lane of Harvest Lane Cottage

September 22, 2022 3:04 PM
I had no idea what she meant by piles. I googled it. Ew! I could have gone all day without reading that! Ha ha!

Our garden did very little this year. First it was too wet to till. Then too late to plant. Then too hot and dry. We did try to garden in 5 gallon buckets, but it's a very good thing we don't have to depend on our garden to eat!

I hope you have a lovely weekend. We have our first cool day here in Southwest Missouri. My daughter is marrying a very nice young Christian man in Illinois Saturday, so we'll be traveling this weekend.

I'm so looking forward to a good fall cleaning then bringing folks in to visit this fall. I'm also going to go back to substitute teaching after a short break. We've found that, although I'm away from home more than I want to be, it helps to have some extra money for the big surprises in life.

May God bless you and keep you. May He make his face to shine upon you and bring you peace.


Darlene Roudebush

September 22, 2022 1:00 PM

"Back garage"!!!!! I am still chuckling over that! I am very sure she never thought her diary would be read by so many when she wrote that. But I think we can all commiserate with her being so uncomfortable. " She is a trip", indeed! :-P

Hope you had a productive time at the tiny house.

Take care,
Darlene from Ohio
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