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Tuesday Post organizing and thrifting

March 21, 2023

I am winding down on my organizing.  I hope to be finished by the end of this week and I should have the back guest room/sorting room finished as well. This has been a long project  because I do many different types of hand work.  The cleaning out of the old wood shop and storage building set us back because that required so much sorting.  As soon as warmer weather gets here we spend a few days off and on at the Myrtle.  Charles still visits Madge each Friday and takes her groceries.  

I was in and out to the clothesline yesterday and I had an interesting visitor.

A hawk came for a visit here in the backyard.  I went in and got my bigger lens for the camera because he was way up high.

He seemed to be entertained so he/she stayed and watched me.

I feel like this is a young hawk due to his smaller size. 

This is one of my thrift finds last week.  A new blouse for $3.00 with a twenty five percent senior day discount off of that.  I bought two other tops as well with such a discount going on. 

Next door at the antique store going out of business sale, in the corner of a booth was an old trunk with many Vera Bradley purses.  I purchased this for $6.00.  My purse is getting worn so this will be a fun spring purse.

I love the inside of Vera Bradley purses because of the fabric that helps you see what is inside your purse.  I have never purchased a real Vera Bradley purse before so this was an exciting find. I washed it in the washing machine and it cleaned up very well. 

I also found a lamp made in Portugal.  It was on it's third discount and I got it for $14.66.  Since my eyesight is not getting better I need more small lighting to see if I get up during the night.  It is a heavy crystal light.  Now when I look at this lamp I think about our bonus Grandchildren in Portugal. :)

Charles found a vintage spade shovel in great condition for $6.00.

Back at the thrift store next door to the antique shop I found a beautiful cotton/linen pillowcase for fifty cents.

I am starting to tire out carrying the plants in and out of the house.  I hope that tonight will be the last time I have to bring them in for awhile as it is suppose to finally warm up.  We still may get another bout of cold but I could use a rest.  I have started feeling that they may have baby tomatoes before I can leave them outside for the stay.  Charles leaves out too early to be able to help me carry them out since I have to wait for the sun to be up and the temp to be warm enough.  Last evening he came home as I was about half way carrying them back in so that was a help. 

We found an easy peasy wrap to make.  Take raw cabbage leaves and fill them whatever you would like to put in them. We put some deli sliced turkey, smoked Gouda cheese. 

I drizzled a little olive oil, some mayo and mustard, salt and pepper.  It is great for when we are really busy.  

This is short because I need to get back to sorting clothing. Charles brought back all of our clothes from up at the Myrtle last Friday because we cannot remember what is up there and what is not and so I am going through all of our clothing here and there and resorting it all out and coming up with a better system, I hope.   

Have you been doing any sorting or decluttering?  What are you doing this week?  Let us know in the forum. 

Grandma Donna

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